Disney Announces LION KING Live Action Remake!


Disney Announces LION KING Live Action Remake!

Lion King Disney Jon Favreau Real Life Remake

THE LION KING, one of Disney’s biggest franchises ever is getting a real life remake! The movie will be helmed by JUNGLE BOOK and IRON MAN director Jon Favreau.

This is the latest and perhaps most stunning move by Disney in its mission to rehash old classics for a new generation of viewers used to CGI technology.

After making almost a billion dollars worldwide in the 90’s, THE LION KING still enjoys a highly successful second life as a Broadway musical.

Whether or not Elton John’s iconic classics “Hakuna Matata” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” will be featured, has yet to be revealed. Disney hasn’t set a release date for the new movie yet.

(Source: Variety)