doctor-strange-movie-review-by-sam-silber Star Rating (out of 5): ****

DOCTOR STRANGE is yet another superhero movie. This time we’ve got a neurosurgeon who, after a terrible accident, cannot use his hands. Searching for a way to heal them, Stephen Strange finds himself in a temple of very powerful monks. Soon Strange finds himself in a mystical war that threatens our very existence.
The title itself goes to show how desperate the filmmakers are to prove that this is a unique movie in the superhero genre, but is it really? Kind of. It’s very different, compared to other superhero flicks. It also couldn’t be more similar. I’ll touch on what’s different in THE GOOD. THE BAD will cover similarities.


The lore of Doctor Strange is interesting. There’s loads of depth to it, and the creativity was enough to keep me engaged throughout this two hour ride. The action sequences, for the most part, are visually interesting and well choreographed. Speaking of the visuals, I can definitely say that this is a good movie for stoners. Seriously. Cities turned inside out, rooms upside down, people flying through multiple universes, all that kind of stuff.
The performances in Doctor Strange were good. Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, the mentor of Strange and the overseer of protecting reality. The Ancient One is admirable and presents a strong female performance. Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange, a cocky but likable surgeon turned unlikely superhero. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Baron Mordo, another sorcerer who stands strongly by his own morals. Benedict Wong is Wong. Wong is more of a supporting role, but he was my favorite character. This sorcerer was hilarious without actually making any jokes. Rachel McAdams is the love interest. She was good too, for the limited time she was on screen.
Something that I was pleasantly surprised by was the humor. There were lots of funny gags in this movie. Each were fresh and clever, tying into the story well.


The narrative of Doctor Strange is identical to other superhero films, and therefore predictable. It’s not a huge flaw, but it’s annoying that the writers couldn’t have come up with a better plot. Also like most superhero movies, everything moves at a very fast pace. The themes I wish the movie spent more time on were glossed over and so they were less believable. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t have such a great American accent.

Though Doctor Strange employs the overused save-the-universe story, there’s enough good here that the narrative doesn’t take away from the experience.

Movie Review by SAM SILBER

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