Movie Review: GET OUT


Movie Review: GET OUT

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Star Rating (out of 5): *****

Forget about the Oscars – this weekend everyone is talking about GET OUT! And let me tell you, it is the perfect little movie at the perfect moment to be stealing all the glamour from Hollywood!

Pulling off a smart, or even watchable horror comedy is one of the hardest things, so I was skeptical going in. But then there was the buzz, and that insanely mouth-watering trailer! I mean, how often do you see an audience cheer for the title before the movie even begins? But, to keep on track with this review: GET OUT tells the story of Chris (black) and Rose (white), on the good old “meet the parents / look who’s coming to dinner” trip. Supposedly Rose’s old folks have no issue whatsoever with Chris being black. And then things get bad. Real bad. And deep. And scary. And hilarious!


This movie does a brilliant job at keeping you super engaged, while mixing two genres that are extremely hard to blend. What’s more, writer/director Jordan Peele gives us exactly the experience we need in hate-ridden Trump America: a chance to scream and laugh and actually think about the issues of racism and class in the USA. You can’t do a much better job at wowing an audience and getting into their heads! The film is pretty well shot. It is smartly and hilariously written, and the performances are pure gold, especially from the amazing Daniel Kaluuya.


My only tiny criticism would be about the camp Vincent Pricey stuff toward the ending. But that comes with the territory of horror comedy, and I can’t dwell on it anyhow because… no spoilers!!!


If you go to the movies, go see GET OUT. It’s hands down one of the most stunning films you will see all year!

Review by SAM SILBER

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