Movie Review: MOANA


Movie Review: MOANA

Moana Disney Movie Review

Star Rating (out of 5): *****

Disney’s MOANA is a tale of a young lady who ventures to a fabled island to save her people, along with the demi-god Maui. You can probably presume that this isn’t your usual Disney movie. It’s not, but guess what? That’s good!


What makes this flick so refreshing is that there is no love interest in it. The title character isn’t bugged down by the usual stereotypes. She is independent and strong, but she’s also human. Moana is on the road to becoming the leader of her tribe, and that isn’t an easy task. There are many times when she questions her choices and reality. Like many teenagers out there, she’s still shaping her own identity. I mean, I should know, right? As the story unfolds, we see her become not just a leader, but a hero who is creating a bold legacy.
Dwayne Johnson plays Maui, the demi-god who has an essential role in saving the world. This character is likable and brings charm to the film. There was a nice arc to his storyline that gained him much of my respect. I didn’t expect him to be as dramatic as he was. A welcome surprise.
The visuals are amazing. There is so much beauty to this film and detail.


Some of the jokes didn’t land with me, but whatever. There’s not much about this movie that I didn’t like.


MOANA is loads of fun – a refreshing adventure that holds a powerful message driven by genuine characters.

Movie Review by SAM SILBER

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