Movie Review: VOYAGE OF TIME


Movie Review: VOYAGE OF TIME

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Star Rating (out of five): ****

VOYAGE OF TIME is an IMAX documentary film that observes the journey of the Universe. The stunning experience is narrated by Brad Pitt, and directed/written by Terrence Malick. There is also a longer, non IMAX version narrated by Cate Blanchett. The above picture you see is me boasting in the glory of being able to see this film at its Los Angeles premiere! This is a first here at Silber Screen, so this review is kind of a big deal.


VOYAGE OF TIME is perfect as an IMAX experience. There is plenty of beauty in both the visual splendor and the poetic narrative of the film. Plus, this was my first time watching an IMAX film. I was blown away altogether. It seemed as though I was inside the movie.
As I mentioned above, the beauty of nature is one of the narrative themes in this movie. The visuals are tied with the surprisingly sweet message that the film delivers. It’s not just showing pretty images with voiceover. There’s depth to the VOYAGE OF TIME. A lot more than I expected.


I don’t mean to be hard on Brad Pitt after all of the latest drama in his personal life, but he exaggerates the manly drama tone a lot whenever he speaks. Sometimes it almost seemed like he was trying to impersonate Matthew McConaughey. At times he makes the writing feel scattered and repetitive.


VOYAGE OF TIME is a major achievement in the documentary genre, mostly because it actually has an emotional narrative to explore. Of course there are also stunning visuals, but Brad Pitt tries a bit too hard to narrate such a clear and simple script. Just hire the real Matthew McConaughey next time.

Movie Review by Sam Silber

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