TV Review: SHERLOCK Series Four Premiere; “The Six Thatchers”


TV Review: SHERLOCK Series Four Premiere “The Six Thatchers”


Star Rating (out of five): **

SHERLOCK is my favorite show. It’s basically the modern retelling of Doyle’s original stories. What makes it so different is that each series only airs a couple years after the previous, and there are only three 90 minute long episodes for each series. I thought they mostly handled this exceptionally well. The show always boasted some clever storytelling, awesome performances, and great writing. After three years, SHERLOCK is back. Sadly though, it returns at its worst.


The performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are still enjoyable and do make this episode a bit more bearable. However, turning Sherlock into a camp action hero just doesn’t sit well with me.


Much like when other shows become too aware of their cult status, SHERLOCK has left the ground we all walk on and taken off into some alternate entertainment universe. Its pacing is really, really bad. It seemed to me the episode was struggling to find its balance many times, in many ways. The plot twists didn’t appear clever, but contrived. The tone switches from comedy to melancholy a couple times and it doesn’t work in either sense. Which is surprising. The comedy is usually pretty great in the show, but here a lot of dialogue fell flat. The editing makes the whole thing even more confusing.


SHERLOCK comes back with a rather mediocre premiere devoid of its former realness and depth. Lacking a clean, genius narrative, everything feels rather jumbled. I didn’t throw in any story details because for the first time I’m having difficulty describing it…

Review by Sam Silber

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