TRAILER CHECK: Will Scorsese’s SILENCE be good or bad?


TRAILER CHECK: Will Scorsese’s SILENCE be good or bad?

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Martin Scorsese’s 20+ plus year passion project SILENCE is finally getting an awards season release on December 23rd. The first trailer for the film was released yesterday; November 22nd. We meet two Jesuit priests who are venturing into ancient Japan to spread the word and rescue a fellow priest. Their journey ahead is shown to be dangerous and demoralizing.

But now a word about the trailer!

WHAT’S GOOD? It has great production value. Everything looks very convincing. I’m sure that the film will be an immersive experience. The cinematography looks pretty great as well.

WHAT’S BAD? The narrative was basically given away in this trailer. We’ve been told too much. We see a series of events unfold that continue to challenge the characters and their beliefs. They start to question their own reality and why they chose their mission – bla, bla, you’ve seen many of these storylines before. I’m not saying that it means SILENCE will be bad, it could still have a lot of Pros. I’m just saying that it might be kind of predictable.

SILENCE will probably be good. It may not be wise to give away half of the plot, but there’s promise here. The movie seems to have a unique premise that could work out really well.

Trailer Review by SAM SILBER

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